Call for Papers ICCLAS 2018

      The 2nd ICCLAS 2018 discusses issues of “Contemporary Islam and Culture in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.” The theme is elaborated in the following sub-themes:

1. Regional Languages and Islam:

  • Language varieties on Islamic Manuscript
  • Islamic Public Speaches and Written Resources
  • Qur’an as A Model of Language Preservation
  • Indonesian Language and Islamic Transformation
  • Translation of Islamic Cultural Words
  • Bilingualism and Multilingualism in Muslim Community
  • Muslim Millenial Generation-Created Languages

2. Islam and Literature :

  • Multiculturalism and Diasporic Literature
  • Islam, Film and Da’wa
  • Literature and Da’wa in Present and Past Era
  • Comparative literature and Values Transformation
  • Islamic Literature in Digital Era
  • Islam in Contemporary Literature
  • Development of Islamic Literature
  • Feminism and Gender Issues in Islamic Literature

3. Islamic Library and Information Science :

  • Hybrid and Digital libraries of Islamic Resources
  • Islamic Values-Based Library management
  • Information literacy in Developing Islamic Countries
  • Trends and Issues in Library Services
  • Traditional and Contemporary Islamic Resources
  • Knowledge Management in Islam
  • Library, Archive, and Museum in Islamic Tradition
  • Information Professionals in Disruptive Era

4. Islamic History and Culture :

  • Intercultural Dialogue in History.
  • Gender History in Muslim Societies
  • Culinary Diplomacy in Multicultural Relation
  • Multiculture and Identity Issues of Youth Muslim Generation
  • Islamic and Islamist Lifestyle Trend
  • Islamic Art and Material Culture
  • History of Islamic Economy
  • History of Islamic Politics

5. Trends and Issues in Wasathiyah (Moderate) Islam :

  • Contemporary Cultural Islamic Thought
  • Millenial Muslim Generation
  • Post-ISIS Cultural Preservation
  • Indonesia Islam as Model of Moderate Islam
  • Past and Present of SE Asia and ME Intellectuals Connection
  • Islamic Media and Radicalism Issues
  • The Future of Islamic Fashion

6. Cultural Studies in Islamic Higher Education :

  • English Literature and Local Wisdom
  • Arabic Literature and Local Wisdom
  • History and Islamic Civilization
  • Translation and Cultural Transformation
  • Library and Information Science
  • Islamic Anthropology in Southeast Asia
  • Islamic Philosophy in Southeast Asia