Call for Papers ICCLAS 2018

      The 2nd ICCLAS 2018 discusses issues of “Contemporary Islam and Culture in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.” The followings are sub-themes to cover:

1. Regional Languages and Islam:

  • Language varieties on Islamic Manuscript
  • Islamic Public Speaches and Written Resources
  • Qur’an as A Model of Language Preservation
  • Indonesian Language and Islamic Transformation
  • Translation of Islamic Cultural Words
  • Bilingualism and Multilingualism in Muslim Community
  • Muslim Millenial Generation-Created Languages

2. Islam and Literature :

  • Multiculturalism and Diasporic Literature
  • Islam, Film and Da’wa
  • Literature and Da’wa in Present and Past Era
  • Comparative literature and Values Transformation
  • Islamic Literature in Digital Era
  • Islam in Contemporary Literature
  • Development of Islamic Literature
  • Feminism and Gender Issues in Islamic Literature

3. Islamic Library and Information Science :

  • Hybrid and Digital libraries of Islamic Resources
  • Islamic Values-Based Library management
  • Information literacy in Developing Islamic Countries
  • Trends and Issues in Library Services
  • Traditional and Contemporary Islamic Resources
  • Knowledge Management in Islam
  • Library, Archive, and Museum in Islamic Tradition
  • Information Professionals in Disruptive Era

4. Islamic History and Culture :

  • Intercultural Dialogue in History.
  • Gender History in Muslim Societies
  • Culinary Diplomacy in Multicultural Relation
  • Multiculture and Identity Issues of Youth Muslim Generation
  • Islamic and Islamist Lifestyle Trend
  • Islamic Art and Material Culture
  • History of Islamic Economy
  • History of Islamic Politics

5. Trends and Issues in Wasathiyah (Moderate) Islam :

  • Contemporary Cultural Islamic Thought
  • Millenial Muslim Generation
  • Post-ISIS Cultural Preservation
  • Indonesia Islam as Model of Moderate Islam
  • Past and Present of SE Asia and ME Intellectuals Connection
  • Islamic Media and Radicalism Issues
  • The Future of Islamic Fashion

6. Cultural Studies in Islamic Higher Education :

  • English Literature and Local Wisdom
  • Arabic Literature and Local Wisdom
  • History and Islamic Civilization
  • Translation and Cultural Transformation
  • Library and Information Science
  • Islamic Anthropology in Southeast Asia
  • Islamic Philosophy in Southeast Asia